Who We Are

ABDEFF Technologies is a professional and competent Business Solutions providers specializing in ICT-based services.

Our Services include:


  • Website Design, Development and Hosting;
  • Mobile App Development;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • Social Media Campaign and Monetization;
  • YouTube Campaign and Monetization;
  • Search Engine Optimization for Blogs and Website;
  • Website Security;
  • Content Management Systems;
  • Blogging for Profit;
  • ICT Capacity Development;
  • Graphic Design Services (Banners, Posters, Flyers, Logo, etc)
  • Audio and Video Transcription Service (for Podcasters, Pastors, Publishers, Editors, Authors, Writers, etc)
  • eBook Cover Creation Service;
  • PowerPoint Presentation (Slides) Creation Service;
  • Article Writing Service;
  • Website/Blog Content Development and Management;

At ABDEFF Technologies, we are working at ensuring that all businesses, particularly in Africa and the world in general, have their online presence like their counterparts in the developed world to enable them expand their scope of operations globally, enhance their ease of doing business and increase their overall profitability.

In view of this, we are out not only to design websites for our clients but to put their businesses on the global front by designing and developing highly optimized, responsive and interactive websites that would shoot  their businesses to global limelight in the digital space and apparently increase overall profitability and also design for them stunning, beautiful and catchy graphics that will project their businesses highly and positively amongst their competitors.

The impact of the recent COVID-19 Pandemic has been devastating on businesses globally, hence, an eye-opener to the fact that offline business management is becoming out-fashioned and unprofitable.  This means that only businesses which have online presence can strive and thrive even in the face of business lull and lockdown.

We are eager to create online presence for any type and size of business and also ready and willing to work within requisite budgets to ensure all businesses are registered, sustained and promoted in the digital space.

We take steps to promoting our clients businesses by engaging digital marketing strategies through the social media platforms since a very high percentage of the global population is already active in the digital space.

Contact us for any of our services at very affordable costs.

We have a team of highly skilled specialists in the areas listed above in our employ. Just talk to us about your need and we can assure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You would be glad you did!

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